Opiskelija-asumista naisille Helsingissä

Knitting for others/Living for others


This past year during COVID-19 we have still managed to do voluntary work together with IYC-Suomi. Our main activities have been:

1) Knitting for others: instead of visiting the elderly which we can't do now, we are knitting for them - anything from socks to hats to scarves! We are preparing many items to give to the neighboring Folkhälsan elderly home who are eagerly waiting for us.

2) Living for others: for the past year or two we have been donating food that is past the due date to needy families. Even during the pandemic we have been doing this and the food has been well appreciated. We work in collaboration with S-Kauppa who has generously been donating their pastu due date food.

These two activities are conducted in collaboration with IYC-Suomi. Follow their webpage here and their instagram page.

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